DPR The Regime World Tour 2022 オフィシャルグッズ販売決定!!

DPR The Regime World Tour 2022 オフィシャルグッズ 販売決定!!

11/25 [DPR The Regime World Tour 2022 -TOKYO-] ZEPP HANEDA会場にて販売致します。

[11/25] 14:00~15:00


現金/クレジットカード(VISA,JCB,Master Card,AMEX)/交通系ICカード/QuickPay/Apple Pay/iD


It will be sold at ZEPP HANEDA.
As the number is limited, sales will end as soon as they are sold out.
Pre-sales will be held in front of the front entrance before the opening.
If there is stock, we will sell it in the venue after the opening.

【Pre-sale time】
[11/25] 14:00~15:00

¥8,500 (Tax in)

【Payment Method】
Cash/Credit Card(VISA,JCB,Master Card,AMEX)/Transportation IC card/QuickPay/Apple Pay/iD

※We don’t provide bags.Please note it.