AOMG : FOLLOW THE MOVEMENT TOUR 2023 オフィシャルグッズ 販売決定!!

▼English Information Below▼

急遽、 [AOMG : FOLLOW THE MOVEMENT TOUR 2023] のオフィシャルグッズの日本での販売が決定となりました。
1月27日 Zepp DiverCity TOKYO、1月29日 Zepp Osaka Bayside会場にて販売致します。


[1/27 Zepp DiverCity TOKYO]
VIP専用先行販売 14:00〜16:00
開場中販売 16:30〜

[1/29 Zepp Osaka Bayside]
VIP専用先行販売 14:00〜16:00
開場中販売 16:30〜



AOMG F.T.M 2023 TEE (White / Black)

¥5,500(Tax In)

M: Length 70, Chest 52, Shoulder 49, Arm 22
L: Length 73.5, Chest 61, Shoulder 55, Arm 23
XL: Length 76, Chest 66, Shoulder 59, Arm 24

AOMG F.T.M 2023 HOODY (Gray / Black)

¥11,000(Tax In)

M: Length 71, Chest 56, Shoulder 56, Arm 87.5
L: Length 73.5, Chest 61, Shoulder 61, Arm 90
XL: Length 76, Chest 66, Shoulder 66, Arm 92.5

AOMG F.T.M 2023 TOWEL (Small / Large)

Small: ¥4,000(Tax In)
Large: ¥8,000(Tax In)

Small: 80×40
Large: 130×70


※当たり券及び大当たり券とポスターの引き換えは終演後に会場外の特典引き換えブースにて行います。ご退場時にお立ち寄りください。ポスターの引き換えは終演後のお見送り(GOODBYE SESSION)終了後30分で締め切りますのでお早めにお立ち寄りください。

現金 / クレジットカード(VISA,JCB,Master Card,AMEX) / 交通系ICカード / QuickPay / Apple Pay / iD


[AOMG : FOLLOW THE MOVEMENT TOUR 2023 OFFICIAL MERCH] sales will be held at Zepp DiverCity TOKYO on January 27th and at Zepp Osaka Bayside on January 29th.
Due to limited stock, sales will end as soon as they are sold out.
Pre-sales are only available for VIP ticket purchasers.If there is stock, we will sell merch in the venue even after the opening.

*Sufficient inventory cannot be guaranteed due to the number of production.Therefore, please note that we cannot guarantee that even VIP ticket purchasers will be able to purchase merchandise.
*The order of purchase will be in the order of the reference number of the VIP ticket.After the VIP photo shoot benefits are done in order of the reference number, those who have finished the photo shoot will be able to move to the merchandise sales booth.
*We will prepare separate stocks for the Tokyo and Osaka.
*You can purchase up to 1 item per person at a time. (Restrictions may be relaxed depending on the sales situation)

-Advance product sales time (planned)-
[1/27 Zepp DiverCity TOKYO]
VIP-only pre-sale:14:00-16:00
Sale during opening:16:30〜

[1/29 Zepp Osaka Bayside]
VIP-only pre-sale :14:00-16:00
Sale during opening:16:30〜

*Sales will end as soon as the stock runs out.If the VIP-only pre-sale is sold out, there will be no product sales during the opening.
*Regarding product sales during the opening, if there is excess inventory, it is possible to purchase additional items by lining up at the end of the line.
*Please note that we do not provide shopping bags.

-Purchase benefits-
You can draw a lottery once for each item you purchase.

[Prize] Official poster of the performance in Japan (A1 size)
[Special prize] Official poster of the performance in Japan signed by 6 artists. (A1 size)

*70 Prize / 30 Special prize (each venue)
*Prize and Special prize posters will be exchanged at the poster exchange booth outside the venue after the performance.Please stop by when you leave.Poster exchange will close 30 minutes after the GOODBYE SESSION ends, so please come early.

-Payment Method-
Cash / Credit card (VISA, JCB, Master Card, AMEX) / Traffic IC card / QuickPay / Apple Pay /iD


We apologize for not being able to prepare enough inventory because the sale of merchandise was finalized just before the performance in Japan.We kindly ask for your understand.